Why BCAA's?

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I wanted to share some more great info on the What and the Why behind BCAAs. I find them HUGELY important and helpful during my Fasting window and workouts!

Here are a few keynotes about BCAAs from Momsanity Co-Creator, Emily Saunders:


Branch chain amino acids consist of leucine, isoleucine and Valine, which are essential building blocks of muscle. They occur naturally in the body, but many times we deplete our stores through stressors like every day life and exercise.

Leucine: Helps promote muscle (think lean mass) growth while assisting with fat-loss. Also helps suppress hunger when following a lower carbohydrate diet.

Isoleucine: Promotes fat burning

Valine: The energizer. Promotes muscle endurance, blunts fatigue, helps with mental sharpness

The three amino acids work together to help keep the body chemically balanced. We recommend a ratio of 3:1:1 Leucine: Isoleucine:Valine for the most impact (many formulas are lower in leucine)

WHY do I need BCAAS?

BCAAs are a busy Mom’s best friend. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • They lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is an important stress hormone that is responsible for increasing blood sugar and aiding in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism – we need it in proper doses. The problem is most of us produce way too much. When we release cortisol along with low levels of HGH (think when you don’t get enough sleep) or high levels of insulin cortisol causes muscle burning and fat storing (not good!). BCAAs lower cortisol and therefore help suppress cravings and hunger instigated by stress.
  • They help regulate hunger. In addition to balancing blood sugar, the BCAA leucine activates hunger controlling molecules in the brain.
  • They balance our brains. BCAAs are precursors to our brain’s stimulating chemical glutamate, as well as the number one relaxation neurotransmitter (GABA). By balancing these stimulating and relaxing responses in the brain, we can stop cravings before they even start.
  • BCAAs improve protein synthesis: What that means is that BCAAs support muscle growth (a GREAT thing) during exercise AND help us maintain lean mass during periods of rest and recovery.
  • BCAAs help us maintain muscle as we age: Our bodies begin losing muscle mass around age 35. When we lose muscle mass it negatively affects our metabolism. BCAAs help fight that breakdown.
  • BCAAs fight post workout fatigue: MANY studies show that BCAAs promote hormonal balance that fights fatigue.
  • Are you an endurance athlete? BCAAs help maintain ATP (energy) during glycogen burning exercise. They also help the body to more efficiently using FAT as fuel to keep us going (again maintaining muscle)
  • BCAAs block "tired" hormones: BCAAs block tryptophan from going to the brain which means less serotonin telling your body it's nap time.
  • BCAAs decrease muscle soreness and preserve muscle fibers making more frequent intense exercise possible.
  • Scientists are confident that those with higher BCAA levels live longer and enjoy better cardiovascular health.

So in a nutshell you maximize fat loss, get more results from workouts (without the soreness), curb cravings, and fight the afternoon slump. Please make sure yours is without artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, filler, red40, Blue2, Yellow5 or Sucralose!


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