Why quick, short workouts?


Why Tabata based High Intensity Interval Training?

You will Burn more calories, Burn more belly fat, Increase your anaerobic state & Increase your aerobic capacity! We pair this with intermittent fasting and amazing results occur! Short workouts also allow us to focus on adrenal, thyroid and endocrine system health which is so important for LONG TERM success on this wellness journey. Beating our body down with insane workouts might “seem” like the answer to fat loss, but quite frankly the opposite is true. With intense, insane workouts, our cortisol levels shoot through the roof. Our ability to recover quickly goes down. Our immune system gets compromised, and so do our adrenals and thyroid. That is why I have such a passion to demonstrate how quick workouts can truly be successful! If we just hone in and FOCUS on our fasting and nutrition, our workouts only NEED to be 25-30 minutes max, 4-5X per week. Watch your results come almost effortlessly with fasting, great nutrition, and quick workouts.

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