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7 day whittle your waist testimonials

Thank you Emily for a fantastic 7 day program! I lost 5 pounds and 8 inches total which I am over-the-top happy about! I absolutely get the value of intermittent fasting and plan to keep that as a very doable lifestyle, as I have more energy, optimism and increased flexibility. I am especially happy with BCAAs.. I noticed that by taking it I did not get sore or experience joint tightness. Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring this opportunity to so many!  

I love this program and looking forward to continuing my journey with you. I lost 1 inch in my waist and a few cm in other areas!!! Thank you for being such a great coach. I really like that the meals are easy and the workouts are short and simple!! I love Intermittent Fasting!!

Thank you Emily for an awesome 7 days! Down 1.5 inches on waist and my clothes are fitting so much better. I feel SO much better. Really loved this experience, you are an awesome coach!!! I have been going back through the workouts this week, I love them!!!!

Love this!! I also love the way this has transitioned into my life!! At home, my family is aware and supportive during this lifestyle change and I also have a co worker participating in this and she is awesome support during the day! It's been nice to be a part of this group of ladies as we learn the IF, nutrition and the short and sweet workouts (which are still getting the job done!) I lost 2 1/2 inches which is consistently what I've been losing over the last few weeks, so I am thrilled!! Thank you, Emily for your support, wisdom and encouragement to help me make this my new normal!

I have really enjoyed getting to learn about IF and understanding the way it works. Everyone in here has been so supportive and Emily  you are an amazing coach!! I can't wait to see where this journey takes my health and fat loss. Thank you for opening the gate to this new adventure!

This has been one amazing week! Such an awesome group of supportive people! And Emily- you are the best coach- thank you for moving and inspiring all of us. I did lose a few pounds, and a little in the inches too. It's only been a week, and it took much longer than that to put it on. I am making a lifestyle change and adding IF to my daily routine. I'm hoping just that in itself will make a big difference. I love your quote, consistently consistent. It is my phone screen saver now. Thank you SO much!!!!

The fasting was easier than anticipated! Love all the info!!! Thank you!!

This past week has taught me so much! I am definitely going to incorporate IF into my daily routine! I like the structure of it, and how truly amazing I feel. Thank you to the always AMAZING Emily Arger for all the information, support and encouragement. You truly are a ROCKSTAR coach! Thank you for these tools to keep us on the IF track!!

Ladies! You are all AWESOME and I loved all the posts! Way to go everyone! I did lose a couple of pounds and because..."LIFE"...I totally forgot to do measurements or before and afters, but I gauge my success on how my clothes fit and how I feel. 1. My clothes fit better than when I started! Wahoo! 2. I feel absolutely incredible! What I learned is that I CLEARLY need to drink more water and other fluids to keep my energy up and headaches away! For me that is a huge success! Also, I learned "self control" on my eating. No more more just a bite/taste/ more bored/emotional eating. It's been really great!

I definitely love the whole concept of IF and only eating in a certain window of time. It really helped me with habitual eating! I did lose 1" off my waist around my belly button, which I'm super happy with! I LOVED all the workouts! You are a fabulous coach and this group was great! So many positive amazing women and it really helped to keep me accountable! Thank you!

Absolutely loved this program. I will continue my journey eating healthy and finishing my goals of losing 10 more lbs. Thank you Emily for this wonderful program. I whittled away 10 lbs and lost 2 inches in my waist!

I lost 4 inches in my chest and waist, this mini course helped me so much!!! I've been so lazy with my nutrition and training and this was such a good kick start to get back into at and a great intro to IF! I loved the meal plan and the workouts were great!

I lost 2 inches in my waist. I can feel it! Also 1 inch in my hips. Weight came down over 4 pounds. I'm a believer. Thank you Emily!

I love this intermittent fasting and carb cycling. I started at 161 and 34.5 waist, today I weighed in at 157 waist 33. Thank you for everything and all of your time and effort that you put into this program!

Very happy with my results! Can definitely see a difference in my tummy. Lost 1.5 inches around my waist, half an inch off of hips, & an inch off my chest. Gained in my arms & thighs. Thanks Emily!!

What a fantastic challenge! I notice a difference in my waist (woohoo!) and I am most excited about the habits I have formed over the last week. Lots of easy changes to implement moving forward. And, I love that the (sugar/sweets) cravings I was having are totally gone. Thank you thank you!

My clothes are looser, my mornings are easier, I don’t have tummy pains at night. And I ‘cheat’ sometimes with my food choices — mostly to participate at social functions  And I still am seeing success!