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3 week whittle your waist testimonials

I had great success with the 7 day that I wanted to continue. The three week offered more workout and more meal plans. I also liked that there was a mini crash course on the macros so that I can continue it with my own meals. 

I was most excited to jump from the 7 day to 3 week because I felt like the 7 day was just the tip of the iceberg :) It caught my interest, but I knew the 3 week would give me more of a chance to refine what we were working on in the 7 day. Other helpful points were getting access to more workouts and also having your wonderful guidance for another 3 weeks.

They say that it takes 21 days to create/break a habit and I really wanted to incorporate IF into my everyday life! I LOVE your support! I LOVE the workouts! I LOVE the meal plans. I LOVE having a “COMPLETE” program laid out for me with “live” support from our amazing IF coach. For me, that truly was the selling point! I plan to start this 3 week program again VERY soon! I’d love to have a new updated copy of the ebook! Emily, you are such a ROCKSTAR!!

I couldn’t be happier with the results of this IF program!!! I lost 4lbs and gained SOOOOO MUCH MORE!! My energy is amazing, my mood is better, my cravings are in check and my food choices are in my control! IF is now just a regular part of my day!! I love it!!

I've done the 1 week program and the 3 week program and this one was BY FAR my favorite!!! It's the perfect balance between getting the program figured out, and then really putting the workouts and meal plans to use! Overall I was down 4 lbs. And 6 (yes SIX) total inches!!
2 inches around my waist, 2 inches on my rear, and 1 inch+ in my thighs!!!  

I’m down 6 lbs, .5” in arms, 1.5” in hips/butt, 2” around belly button, 1.5” around love handles/gut below belly button and .75” around legs!

Overall I am down 5 lbs and 5 inches!

Three weeks of meal plans was huge for me, and the fact that dinners worked for my whole family. I felt so good after 7 days that I knew I wanted to incorporate IF further. Love your positive energy and the workouts too.

Have a plan that included meals and workouts that I didn’t have to plan myself. I love having it all on paper for me!!!! And staying in a facebook group helps me stay focused!

I wanted to extend all of the meal plan exercise and support from 7 day. I saw results from 1 week but knew I needed longer to develop a habit. I have lost 10 pounds so far and still feel great. I wasn't great about exercising but am going to get back to it when school starts back for kids. The best part is I'm a stress eater and I went to my family's for the holiday for a week and maintained my 10lb weight loss! It was easy to fast and walk away from high gluten carb and dairy!! Thanks!

Similar to the others, I saw Great results from the 7 day but knew I wasn’t going to be self-sufficient with your plan if I didn’t have additional accountability as well as more options for meal plans and workouts. I did repeat the 7 day program for the 2 weeks between my 7 day and 3 week, but I was ready for a little change in the meals. Mostly though I didn’t want to lose the great results and momentum from the 7 day, I wanted to keep making them better! Also I realized with the 7 day that maintaining this lifestyle was doable so the 3 week program wouldn’t feel like torture like some “diets” do.

I am down 7 inches total on my torso since starting 7 day and completing one round of the 7 day and one round of the 3 week. Total weight loss of  7.9 lbs!

I lost two inches in my waist, 1/2 inch in my hips and 1 pound.

I Lost 6 1/2 lbs; lost 3 1/2 total inches!

Lost 2” total and lost 6 lbs. during these 3 weeks!

Lost 2 inches and 4 pounds!!